Things One Must Consider Before Renting Lighting Equipment For An Event


Make sure you understand exactly what you’ll need before hiring the lighting system for your upcoming event, and perhaps more significantly, how it will all fit in the location where your event will be held. The best person to respond to all of your inquiries about lighting for events rental is your lighting technician. Here are a few things to remember:

  • What outcome do you wish to achieve?” will be the first thing you’ll be asked by the company you rent your lighting equipment from, or at least SHOULD be asked. Be particular; you won’t be capable of moving on to anything else unless you have a succinct and clear response.
  • Are you renting from a firm that owns its events lighting system? If not, what percentage of the equipment will be contracted out? Getting it from a trustworthy cross-rental partner isn’t a bad idea, but you should make sure that the vendor you choose is knowledgeable about the tools they will be using.
  • Do you have enough electricity at the location you’ve chosen to illuminate everything you need for your event? If not, how can you utilize less energy while still attaining the desired result? When electricity is scarce, strategically placed LEDs can be a fantastic method to increase your capabilities
  • Are there any additional charges besides the price of renting the equipment itself? Shipping, work, preparation, etc.
  • Can the rental provider help you with design or planning if necessary?
  • Keep in mind that you must make requests for everything you require or desire in advance. Because you requeste additional equipment that can be use with it. Your lighting technician or salesperson may not be aware that you require a certain piece of equipment. Of course, you don’t have to be familiar with specific items, but if you want a certain result or aesthetic.
  • Don’t wait until the very last minute to make arrangements for your event lighting, especially during the busiest seasons, as you might not be able to get what you require to have the desired effect.
  • It can be a big mistake to not check your event lighting hire before the event starts. As a result, you must ensure that the outlets. And power strips you intend to use are in good working order. Before the event begins, any connection issues must be resolve. Run through the program while testing each light individually to ensure that everything functions properly.
  • You should make an effort to visit the location before creating your lighting plan and hiring equipment. It would be a good idea to invite your lighting engineer along as well so that you can determine what will and won’t work for your event lighting hire.
  • When creating the schedule for the event, be sure to leave enough time for setup. Give the lighting crew ample time to arrange the equipment properly if you desire everything to function properly and appear as it should.

With little forward thought and preparedness on your part, you can deal with all of these problems of lighting rental for events. Along with keeping in touch with your team to ensure they are all on the same level.

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