Tips to Use Cellphone for Defence Exam Preparation

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Exam time lets students feel under the weather, especially when it is a crucial exam such as a defence exam. Seriously, exam time is really stressful and boring as well. However, nowadays, it is somehow interesting because students can make use of technology to make their preparation journey fruitful and engaging. Well, they must have to understand the correct way of utilizing their cell phones for defence exam preparation. 

We understand how boring exam preparation can turn if you are following just one traditional learning methodology. That’s why we have mentioned some tips in this article that will help you make the right use of your smartphone for effective and engrossing exam preparation. However, if you want to start your preparation journey with the right guidance from an expert, consider looking for the best platform on Search India

Here are the best ways you can follow to use your cellphone for defence exam preparation: 

  • Youtube videos 

This is a great tip for students who follow visual learning techniques for studying. First, let’s understand what a visual learning methodology is. Well, if a person is able to grasp the concepts by visualizing images and videos, it is called a visual learning technique. So, if this learning technique also works best for you, you can watch youtube videos to learn new concepts every day. However, make sure you are following the official channels, otherwise, you may receive false information. The best part of youtube videos is that you can attend lectures anytime and anywhere as per your flexibility. Moreover, if you have any doubts, either you can post your query in the comment section or you can attend a live video session. To get notifications of the new videos, you can subscribe to the tutorial channels and turn on the bell item to get the latest updates. 

  • Mobile applications 

If you want study material, previous years’ question papers, video courses, live classes and mock tests in one place, mobile applications will serve the purpose. These days, there are an ample number of mobile applications available that provide course material and video courses for free. So, you can download official applications on your phone and attend interactive study sessions by experts to beef up your exam preparation. Apart from it, you can join doubt sessions to ask your queries from experts without moving anywhere else. Believe us, this is actually a flexible, time-saving, affordable as well as fruitful option for constructive defence exam preparation. 

  • Online mock tests and quizzes

If you want to track your performance, you can use your cell phone to do the same. There are online GK, current affairs and English vocab quizzes you can solve to know how well you are prepared. After solving quizzes, you will get a proper report of how many questions you have attempted incorrectly and how many you have attempted correctly. This way, you can observe the topics in which you have committed a lot of mistakes and put in effort for the best exam preparation. Furthermore, online mock tests will also help you get actual exam experience and a performance report in the end. You can solve these tests every day and compare your performance reports to know how much you have progressed.

  • Audio playbacks 

If you are an active listener, you can listen to audio recordings of different concepts on your mobile phone. The best part of the audio playbacks is that you can listen to the recordings while doing your other house chores. However, make sure you are able to concentrate on the audio, otherwise, you won’t be able to understand anything. Apart from it, you can listen to the daily news on the radio, to get yourself updated with current affairs topics. Moreover, whenever you feel discouraged, just download a motivational podcast on your cell phone and listen to it carefully to feel positive. This way, you will get enough courage and motivation to keep working toward your goals despite the failures. 

  • Listen to music to calm 

As the defence exam preparation journey is extremely stressful, a number of thoughts may rush into your mind and make you feel negative. Well, your mobile phone can reduce your stress. You just have to put your earphones on and listen to soothing music. Music will make you feel so calm and give you inner peace. A stress-free mind is more likely to concentrate on the concepts perfectly and you can grasp concepts quickly. So, whenever you feel anxious, just calm yourself down by listening to soothing music. 

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Summing up: 

To sum up, these are the best ways to utilize your cellphone to excellently prepare for the defence exam and make your preparation journey engaging. So, follow these tips sincerely to acquire positive results. 

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