Top 5 Mistakes From the Fashion on the Fields Race Day

I just came back from the Townsville Cup race day in Australia and while there were some very well dressed women, there were also some who didn’t understand the concept of haute couture. I have listed the top 5 fashion mistakes.

  1. Blondes don’t look sexy.

White isn’t the hottest racing suits color for women in fashion, so everyone loves a good tan, but some women have turned to fake tan this season.

Getting a good quality spray tan is important for certain body types and fashion styles, but before applying spray tan, make sure it’s the color you’re looking for. One of the biggest challenges you face on race day is that most of the tennis shoes you see are original, used, or don’t look original.

Try to make sure it is 1 or 2 shades off your natural color. 20 shades that match your natural skin tone will make you look like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Oompalompa.

  1. Wear a shirt that fits well.

There were so many amazing dresses on show, but a common mistake was wearing the wrong length for the body type and type of dress. It’s winter in north Queensland, the day is celebrated, and it’s very warm, but that means dresses should be short and the bottom of the dress line visible.

It’s mostly drama, and my team and I have seen cases where women have dropped something, gone downstairs to retrieve their belongings, and forgotten the length of their dress. This is not something you want to see in a race.

  1. No one likes VBL, VPL or VBS.

Three women must know what to avoid in the world of fashion, and unfortunately, none of them approve. The three abbreviations are VBL, VPL and VBS.

Nobody likes it.

VBL – Visible Bra Line

VPL is the visible ink line.

VBS – Visible Bra Strap.

All three of these problems bring down the quality of high fashion and defeat the purpose of spending millions of dollars to ensure the best fashion item of the day.

  1. Inadequate selection of underwear.

If you’re going to invest $2 million to $2,000 in expensive fashion clothing, you should invest the same amount in quality underwear. There were many women who were not comfortable in the regalia they were wearing and they were always trying to adjust themselves. At such fashion events, it is completely removed and removed from the experience of the day.

None of this would happen if these women bought underwear that matched their chosen style. If you are shopping for designer and designer clothing, consider designer and designer clothing that matches your style. Many designers prefer underwear designers for their clothes, so it is important to consult with them.

  1. Funny shoes that will make a grown man cry.

Some of the shoes on display were ridiculous and made the women look less than normal. Going to a high fashion runway show means feeling good when you arrive and comfortable and modest when you leave. If you wear the wrong shoes like high heels, the only consequence is to be barefoot on the runway.

Unfortunately, it was the shabby norm of the day, and to me it defeats the purpose of wearing high fashion to look dirty and dirty rather than dirty on the feet.

Local race day is a time to catch up with your business colleagues and friends, 

Who are all set to make a million bucks, but the five mistakes above can ruin it all.

Flats can look great with some heels, but remember that you have to wear them all day long. If they’re not comfortable, don’t wear them.

The most flattering day dresses are dresses that don’t show too much flesh. Short skirts or loose tops are best.

Maxi dresses are the perfect race day outfit for women, they can be formal, flattering and elegant. And very fashionable.

Accessorize according to the dress code by adding cute accessories, a cute hat or fascinator.


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