Top 6 Low Cost High Impact Digital Marketing Singapore Ideas

The correct digital media marketing plan will boost traffic and conversion rates. 50% of mobile phone users who conduct local searches visit a store, according to Search Engine Watch. Facebook is the most popular social media platform in Singapore, but why? The app is helpful for sharing personal stuff as well as for keeping in touch with friends and family. Your company has a better chance of attracting potential clients the more “searchable” it is.


Top 5 Low Cost High Impact Digital Marketing Singapore Ideas


It’s easier said than done if you’re an entrepreneur, solopreneur, small-business owner, or freelancer! Because of the radical changes brought about by e-commerce, every aspect of our life now competes with one another for the attention of customers. Everyone in the internet world needs to use digital marketing. Results have shown that expensive marketing campaigns are not always productive. However, if the companies employ innovative marketing strategies with a minimal or non-existent budget, if you know clever ways to advertise, interact, and leverage your customers, establish lucrative relationships to keep your brand at the top-of-mind, even inexperienced marketers can benefit successfully without paying a dime. Gain online visibility for better ROI with a digital marketing agency in Singapore’s expert guide in terms of low cost or no cost high impact digital marketing worldwide.


  1. Get Registered to Get Recognized:


Your company has a better chance of attracting potential clients if the more “searchable” it is. You can appear in listings for Google Local Pack and Maps by using Google My Business. It serves as a useful substitute for traditional advertising. 50% of mobile phone users who conduct local searches visit a store, according to Search Engine Watch. Reviews are statements made by real customers who weren’t compensated by the business to advertise its goods or services. When used wisely, negative reviews might also offer information that will help your business grow.


  1. Embrace Social Media:


Every social media account you include in your marketing strategy serves as a portal to your website. Every piece of content you publish gives you another chance to attract new clients. Your company has more conversion opportunities with greater visibility. According to studies, social media has a lead-to-close rate that is 100% higher than outbound marketing. Every customer contact on your company’s social media pages gives you a chance to openly show how much you care about your clients. There are hardly any good excuses not to incorporate social media into your marketing plan. Your clients will value the relationship you build with them by being able to communicate with them directly. The correct social media marketing plan will boost traffic and conversion rates with regular updates.


Since social networking sites act as a communication and information hub, it is not surprising that 4.7 million people in Singapore regularly use them. Using WhatsApp, you may focus your marketing effort by sending private messages about sales and discounts, announcing events, and delivering videos of your advertisements. You could create a professional profile on LinkedIn, just like you could on Instagram. The most popular social media platform in Singapore is Facebook, but why? The app is helpful for sharing personal stuff as well as for keeping in touch with friends and family, to start.


As some millennials quit the app in favor of rival networking sites like Instagram, Facebook is starting to lose its appeal. You may determine which platforms could aid in the expansion of your business by determining your target market.


  1. Optimize to SEO for better ROI:

According to Forbes, When used in conjunction with PPC advertising, a high-ranking page may perform even better, which is something you can do using SEO. SEO specialists frequently outperform rivals in search engine results. You can monitor changes in website traffic, conversions, and rankings with SEO. Platforms like Google Analytics offer a whole array of data. Longer-staying website visitors are more likely to feel a connection to the brand. After auditing your website using one of the many internet tools optimize, optimize elements like your title, hashtags and meta tags.


  1. E-Mail Marketing:

According to Forbes, The 2020 Small Business Email Marketing Statistics Report was recently made available by AWeber. When asked how they “promote their businesses or engage with prospects and/or customers,” 66% of the businesses questioned said they used email marketing. More than 50,000 users are only found in less than 7% of small firms. With more than 500 subscribers, 42% of small firms questioned believe their email marketing methods are effective or very effective.


  1. Integrate Blogging and Guest Blogging:

Once you attain a basic degree of comfort and establish your blogging identity, blogs are simple to create and comparatively simple to manage. A great way to create an internal network between departments and an exterior network with clients and other businesses. A blog is a good location to gather praise and criticism as well as to hold unofficial focus groups.


You can discover new business opportunities and industry trends by contributing to other blogs. A wonderful approach to enhance the traffic and ranking to your website is by guest posting. It enables you to communicate with other bloggers and exchange ideas. You’ll gain backlinks that will increase your visibility by doing guest blogging on popular websites. Our team of SEO experts in Singapore at AUN Global Marketing can assist you in organizing a guest blogging campaign and publicizing it on social media sites.


  1. Experience the Power of Infographics:

An infographic is a visual depiction of certain data. An infographic uses images of objects, photographs, and geometric forms to help users grasp a piece of information. It is a powerful technique that efficiently draws visitors and increases website traffic. Here are a few advantages of including infographics into your digital marketing plan. To make an infographic a successful marketing tool, it is not necessary to adhere to rigid design guidelines. Just be careful not to overburden it with details or users won’t even bother to look it over. Because they are simple to understand and appealing to the eye, infographics are preferred by the majority of users these days over plain descriptive texts.

You should make a motion infographic if you want to explain how your business has developed through time or how a product was made. In addition to using visuals and text, it also uses voice narration and animation to clarify particular facts and information. You can seek assistance from a digital marketing agency in Singapore if you are new to SEO and are struggling to create effective infographics.


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