Vn88 Rezence: Lampard’s reign will not be cut short after Chelsea’s meeting with Nagelsmann

Officials from Chelsea have finally seen Julian Nagelsmann in person as they continue their hunt for a new manager.

Despite the fact that many in the Chelsea hierarchy knew Nagelsmann from their time working with him at RB Leipzig, directors Chris Vivell and Laurence Stewart traveled to Germany at the end of last week to meet with the former Bayern Munich manager.

Vn88 said that the current circumstances surrounding Anthony Barry may end up being a strong bargaining chip. After Bayern Munich made it obvious that Thomas Tuchel wanted him as part of his coaching staff in Germany, the Chelsea coach is currently on gardening leave.

Chelsea and Bayern are in negotiations to find a solution to the situation, which might have major implications if Chelsea chooses Nagelsmann as their new manager. Compensation for Bayern could be expected if and when their former manager takes charge at Stamford Bridge.

In addition to Luis Enrique, Mauricio Pochettino, and Ruben Amorim, Julian Nagelsmann is among Chelsea’s summer managerial candidates.

According to a September article from Vn88 Rezence News, Sporting’s manager Amorim is highly regarded at Stamford Bridge. However, the club ultimately decided to hire Graham Potter instead.

Despite a lackluster start to the season, Frank Lampard will continue in his role as manager for Chelsea for the time being.

Lampard has presided over three losses in his first three games as Chelsea manager, with only one goal scored in 270 minutes of action.

W88 Rezence commented that Lampard has seen a significant drop in expected goals for Chelsea compared to Graham Potter’s tenure, with Lampard’s xG for the three games totaling 2.33 (or 0.78 per game).

In the three games leading up to his dismissal, Potter oversaw a 6.1 xG total (and an overall 1.39 xG average).

Lampard: We need a response after that merited loss to Brighton.

Lampard suggested Chelsea must respond to Saturday’s Premier League loss to Potter’s previous club Brighton by beating Real Madrid in the second leg of their quarterfinal matchup at Stamford Bridge on Tuesday.

The award “was the most deserved one,” he told Vn88 Rezence. We need to discuss performance more than losses. Only action yields outcomes. We can’t deny that Brighton has a strong team here. We fell short by a yard, a tackle, and a duel, and when those things are off, it’s impossible to win games. That’s something we need to fix right away.

It’s up to me to figure out what’s going on as soon as possible. We need practice time but don’t have any. For things that are really necessary for Chelsea to do at Stamford Bridge, such as sprints and recovery runs, it just wasn’t there [on Saturday]. Based on that showing, we know we need to improve.

The players wouldn’t believe me if I said the game wasn’t horrible or that we didn’t deserve to lose. At this point, responses are the only thing that really count.

The ultimate guide to Nagelsmann’s top Chelsea and Tottenham targets

At the outset of his career, Julian Nagelsmann was mocked as a “PR stunt.” The player who had already turned down Real Madrid and was only 30 years old when he made that decision is now desired by Chelsea and Tottenham. Here is the complete biography of the former manager of Bayern Munich, which was supplied by Rezence.

The Frankfurter Rundschau’s banner headline read, “Schnapsidee,” which translates to “crazy idea” and suggests that the concept could only be developed with the help of some alcoholic beverages. The Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung, their rival, opted for the more straightforward but no less biting “PR stunt.”

Hoffenheim hired a 28-year-old Julian Nagelsmann to coach their first squad in the beginning of 2016, and the local press didn’t hold back in its criticism of the decision.

In a short span of time, Vn88 claimed that the youngest ever Bundesliga permanent manager was rejecting Real Madrid just days before his 31st birthday. Chelsea and Tottenham are interested in signing him after he was released by Bayern Munich in March, a move that polarized the team and its icons.

There is no question that Nagelsmann will eventually coach in the Premier League. Personal tragedy shaped his career by making it simple to ignore naysayers, put football in perspective, and take a step back before making important choices.


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