Volume of Pyramid

Volume of Pyramid

The volume of pyramid is the space occupied by a pyramid and also the number of cubes we can put in that pyramid. Pyramids can be of different types some of those are square pyramid, triangular pyramid, pentagonal pyramid, rectangular pyramid, and many more all the pyramids were named as per their shapes for example if the shape of the pyramid is a rectangle then we will represent it as a rectangular pyramid. The faces of the pyramid were made up of polygon so we can also represent it as a polyhedron.
The volume of pyramid = 1/3* B*h

Formula of Volume of Pyramid

As we discussed above the theoretical part of the pyramid now lets us know how to solve the questions with the help of a formula. So the formula of volume of a pyramid is             1/3* B*h where B stands for the base of the pyramid and h is represented as the height of the pyramid.
Example1. The height of the pyramid is 6 ft. its base is 2 find the volume of the pyramid?


So to find the volume of the pyramid first we use the formula then put the given value in it.  Volume of Pyramid = 1/3* B*h
This means 1/3*6*3 so the volume of a pyramid is 6.
This is how we can easily come up with our solution.

Facts of Pyramid

The sides of each type of pyramid look like a triangle that merges with shape from its sides. The pyramid’s volume is always one-third of the volume of the prism, the height of the pyramid and prism will be the same. Three rectangular pyramids can be placed in the form of a rectangular pyramid. Hope you can understand well about the pyramid if not then we have an amazing activity that help you to understand more about the topic. So first take a rectangular pyramid and fill the pyramid with water then take a rectangular prism and pour that water from the rectangular pyramid into the rectangular prism now you can see that the water is one-third of the size of the prism. Hope so this fun activity has cleared all your doubts.

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