What Is The Best Tint For Night Driving?

What Is The Best Tint For Night Driving?

Window tinting is a perfect way to enhance your car’s appearance and offer some protection and privacy from the sun. However, what is the best tint for night driving? There are different shades and each offers different benefits, depending on what you require. In case you are looking for the right tinting for night driving, you need to consider your needs in a careful manner. Here is a detailed guide on choosing the window tinting for night driving!

What is the Right Car Tint Percentage?

The tint percentage for your vehicle may range from 5% to 90% In such a case,  the percentage refers to the visible light transmission amount, light that passes through the window of your car. In case you get a lower tint percentage, yo8u would get more darkness.

A factory tint is often 20%, however, you can regulate this amount as per your preference. As per some experts, 50% tint is perfect because it can block the glare, heat and UV rays to make your driving safer. Moreover, it will not make your vehicle’s interior pretty dark. You can also get a tint percentage of 35%. Stylish drivers get that Chameleon tint amount of their car to make it look sleeker. But, the car would be pretty dark, but there will never be a complete blackout.

Getting the Right Tint for Night

Window tinting is an ideal way to enhance your driving experience, specifically at night. But, it is necessary to choose the best tint depending on your needs. In case you are looking for more safety and visibility at night, a lighter shade is perhaps the best. In case you want more security and privacy, a darker Chameleon tint is better. No matter what tint you choose, ensure you get it installed by a professional to make sure it is done safely and correctly!

The Best Tint for Night Driving

It is time to discuss the right car tint for night driving. Though the percentage of tint does not impact your driving experience, you may go for around 20% tint in order to enjoy a balanced experience. You can get a 20% tint for the driver’s window and 35% for the rear windows.

However, if you often drive through your area amid nighttime. In such a case, you must get your vehicle tinted as per the number of streetlights. When there is not much road lighting, 20% tint can lead to some complications, however, it is not the end.

Anyway, before you begin getting your car windows tinted, ensure you are doing that while being within the law. Otherwise, you would be fined, and losing money is never a pleasant experience. In case your state does not allow you to get 20% tint, you can choose a 25% window tint with no hesitation at all.


Hence, what is the best tint for night driving? You have got your answer. 20% window tint is perfect. Anyway, make sure to check the law before you go for window tint.


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