What is The Concept Of Homestay?


For a small fee, a homestay allows you to live with a local family. It is an affordable alternative to accommodation and is ideal for tourists, interns, gap-year students, international students, and anyone looking for a genuine and authentic travel experience. Homestay in Kerala is one of the holiday homes where one can experience the culture and community of the area they are visiting.

Each host has their own hobbies and interests. Guests often find hosts with similar interests, which adds to the homestay experience.

Hosts are able to help guests get settled in new places, be it with orientation or food recommendations. This is a great way to save money on accommodation while attending conferences or events.

How do you promote a homestay company?

Active marketing strategies are essential. Know your audience and how to reach them. Your guests will recommend your homestay to others if you provide excellent service. You’ll also get more business. You should display comments and ratings from your visitors on your home page. You can see what your competitive advantage is. It is possible to start a homestay company anywhere in India, including in Kerala.

To attract guests, highlight your homestay’s unique selling points or other interesting activities. Your homestay can be promoted on the internet through travel directories. You can also attract guests using the booking services. These tour companies must receive a percentage of your homestay commission. It is important to have a strong online presence and create a unique brand identity. Development of a website, including providing information such as prices and photos.

Is it a good idea to homestay?

  • For one night, a homestay such as a homestay in Thrissur is cheaper than a hotel. A homestay generally costs less than a hotel room. While the cost is lower, the quality of the service provided is higher. Host families are available to answer any questions and will do everything they can to help you. If you request them, they will often offer breakfast. A homestay is a cost-effective alternative to staying elsewhere for long periods of time. It is also profitable for tourists.
  • The homestay offers two great benefits: making friends and meeting new people. You will find a group of people that you can spend lots of time with without any effort. It can be lonely to travel alone, but at homestays in thiruvilwamala, you will have many other guests to chat with. Because the family will also introduce you to their friends, it won’t be difficult to be accepted by locals.
  • Homestays are a great way to get advice and information about activities and trips you might do while traveling that you won’t find elsewhere. Unlike tourism offices or businesses that only want to make the most money, hosts actually care about helping you. You will be able to visit places that are close to tourists.
  • This is one of the best things about my job. You get to eat foods that locals eat regularly. Because the food in hotels is not authentic or localized, it is often less authentic. Living in a homestay is a wonderful way to experience the best of home cooking. Most hosts will share their family’s recipes so you can learn more about local cuisine and how it is prepared. You can try a different state’s signature dish every five kilometers. This is why there is such a wide debate about homestays and hotels.


This post should have given you a better understanding of homestays and the reasons they might be a great option for travelers who are looking to travel and adventure, rather than just a nice house. Participating in a homestay will give you a better understanding of the local culture and way of life.


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