Where can you find your NBN connection box?

If you have an NBN connection, where would be the NBN connection box for your house to connect to Australia’s highest-speed network? 

Well, when you established a connection of NBN to your property, a professional team can install the connection to the strongest speed internet technology. In the whole process of installation, the NBN connection box is of utmost importance. It is crucial to know where the NBN connection box is and how can you check it out. 

In this guide, you will get to know the several types of NBN connections with their properties and you will find your NBN box.  So let us get started with our subject.

Where can you find the NBN connection box for my house?

More often the connection box for your NBN connection is installed not far from the telephone jack or cable connection. They are usually placed near the power point because the connections box for FTTP, HFC, and FTTC as they require a direct power connection. The team of professionals placed this connection box outside the premises or on the other side of the wall. 

However, you can find your NBN connection box near the existing telephone cable jack outside your house. It is typically a place where your existing PowerPoint is set. If you have an FTTP connection, you will have to place two boxes; one is inside your house and the other will be outside the house.

How can you get an NBN connection?

Can you get an NBN connection? Well to install the NBN connection to your home, you must have to disconnect from your existing network service provider. After receiving a disconnection letter that your existing plan is set to be cut off, you can make arrangements for getting an NBN plan. 

If you are moving your property and know nothing about NBN connections, check out the market and find out the best way to check your connection by address. 

Several NBN plans and prices

If you already have an NBN connection or wanted a brand new connection, it is crucial to compare pay tv providers. There are several NBN connection plans are available out there. You can consider the right one that suits your requirements. 

For instance, there is a variety of connections for NBN Sponsor Plans with unlimited data on the standard plus evening speed of the NBN 50 plan. Also presenting the premium evening speed of NBN 100 plans.

Why should you know where the connection box is?

Having a strong internet connection speed is important but it is equally important to know where the connection box is placed. If you are working from home, you will be heavily dependent on internet quality. The closer to your connection box, the more stronger speed you will have. Make your work closer to the room where the connection box will provide faster broadband. 

Identify your NBN connection box

When you are looking for an NBN connection, the placement of your connection box is depending on which NBN plan you are opting for. Depending on the NBN connection type, you can place the box differently.  Let us have a look at different types of NBN and their connection box placement.

FTTN – Fiber to the Node 

Fiber to the Node (FTTN) is the most common connection type of NBN. most Australians have this connection type. The connection box for this connection type is street cabinets where high-speed fiber-optic lines form the closest exchange. 

HFC – Hybrid Fiber Coaxial

Hybrid Fiber Coaxial NBN connections also have a similar connection principle to FTTN. Instead of copper lines that develop connections between nodes and houses, they use Pay TV network lines. However, the network strength is depending on the distance from the connection box.

FTTP – Fiber to the Premises

Fiber to the Premises is considered to be the best network connection when compared to paid tv providers. Essentially, it provides high-speed network strength. Usually, FTTP boxes are huge and directly connected to your modem. 

They also come in two boxes; one for inside the home and the other for outside your house. The outside box is set in a street box close to the property access. While inside the house, you can place the connection box near your workplace for better network strength.

FTTC – Fiber to the Curb 

Fiber to the Curb connection uses fiber-optic lines that directly exchange the connection from the street. This connection is fairly better than fiber to the node connection. 

FTTB – Fiber to the building

Fiber to the Building (FTTB) connection work similarly to the principle of FTTC. but it works great in a small place instead of a building. It serves the small space individually. You can find the connection box near the apartment instead of the street.


If you have installed the NBN connection for your house, you can identify your connection box depending on your NBN connection. If you are curious about your network connection and want it to be faster, Identify your network connectivity plan, and you can find out the place of your connection box. The above-discussed NBN plans and the placement of the connection box will help you find out yours. You can also get more information about telephone line vs internet


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