Why Dash Cameras Are A Good Idea For Your Commercial Vehicle?

Dash Cameras

You can find a video of a road incident recorded by a dash cam at every corner of social media. This shows how crucial these cameras are for vehicles, especially commercial ones. Fleet managers understand the challenges of dealing with unending insurance claims that hurt their profits. However, prioritizing the use of these cameras has helped commercial vehicle owners to be on the safe side. They also improve safety on the road because drivers know they are being monitored. If you have not yet considered joining the movement, these reasons might change your mind.

1. Reducing Insurance Premiums

Crash-for-crash accidents not only damage the vehicles involved but also hurt innocent drivers. These drivers have to pay more insurance premiums to cover compensation. Gratefully, even insurance industries realize the benefits of dash cameras to solve this eternal problem. Some insurers offer discounts to help drivers save money on their premium payments. While it depends on the insurance company to offer discounts, it will soon be a necessity for commercial vehicles. Moreover, looking at the car camera price, it is definitely worth a try.

2. Seamless & fast Processing of Insurance Claims

Insurance claims are often processed slowly, even when the involved parties request an urgent solution. Waiting for the final verdict always seems like an unending tussle that disappoints commercial drivers. With a dashboard camera on commercial vehicles, the process can be smoother. The insurance provider will look at the video and make a sound decision. This process eliminates the need for additional eyewitness reports or evidence.

3. Provides Evidence for Accidents

Suppose one of your commercial vehicles is involved in an accident, and you are slapped with a lawsuit. How will you defend yourself? If your driver is certain that their actions did not cause the accident, they can prove their innocence using a dash cam. The camera provides first-hand evidence of an accident that could potentially exonerate the one behind the wheel. The other party will be held accountable, and you will be safe.

4. Monitoring Driver’s Activity

If you are an employer, you will constantly worry about what your employees are doing on the road. Whether taking too many breaks, getting distracted, or driving extra miles, you can use a dash camera to monitor their activities. This will help you set functional operational procedures that drivers should not ignore. Then, just like a wi-fi CCTV camera for home, you can always refer to the video to determine where a driver went wrong.

5. Improving Driver’s Training

Regardless of a driver’s training, they cannot always be perfect. Road safety is among the biggest concerns for most fleet owners. With the help of dash cameras, you can improve driver training. In case of a safety event, the videos from the dash cams will show where things went wrong and how to prevent future incidences. It is easier to communicate with drivers with video evidence instead of relying on misinformation and assumptions.

6. Providing Evidence for Parking Accident Insurance Claims

When a car is parked in a public space, it is easier for another driver to drive off if they hit it and there are no witnesses. It may take time for drivers to notice these damages, and it might be too late to hold the other party accountable when they do. These accidents might be insignificant, but they can be worth significant insurance claims. A dashboard camera can provide evidence showing the involved driver and identify witnesses who might help with the case.


The improving camera technology and affordability of dash cameras have seen these devices become an industry hit. Therefore, do not let the costs stop you from boosting operational efficiency. The dashboard camera technology is rapidly changing the fleet industry for the better, and this trend is likely to grow more. If you think this will help improve your service delivery, do not hesitate.

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